Pretty Printing JSON in JavaScript

5/3/2016programming, javascriptCody ReichertBack to blogs

I frequently look up how to pretty print JSON in JavaScript. Whether it be for debugging in the console, to display some output to the user, or any other reason.

JSON.stringify() is usually used to simply convert a JSON object to a string for use elsewhere in the application. It also takes 2 additional parameters: replacer and space.


The replacer argument tells JSON.stringify to parse your JSON object in a custom way -- eg, replace all "true" and "false" strings with the Boolean version true or false. You can do a million other things here, but we're not too concered about this parameter when all we want to do is pretty print.


The space argument, though a little oddly named, tells JSON.stringify() to add spacing to the string output -- like a newline, tab, or single space.

Using this parameter, we can print out our stringified JSON in a readable format:

JSON.stringify({ a: 1, b:2 }, null, 2)

// "{
//    "a": 1,
//    "b": 2
//  }"

And there we go - a nice, readable JSON object as a string. There's more information on the MDN page about what you can pass to this function - so check those out and start pretty printing!

:: Cody Reichert

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