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Hey there

I'm Cody. Thanks for visiting. This page should probably contain more information about me, but it doesn't yet. Hopefully I'll find the time to update it.


Assertible Automated QA testing for web services

Assertible is a service for creating automated QA tests for APIs and websites. @creichert and I started Assertible to have a reliable way to test and monitor our APIs and it has become a key part of our testing workflow. Assertible focuses on post deploy smoke tests and web service monitoring.

SimplyRETS A platform for building real estate apps

I co-founded SimplyRETS in 2015, along with my brother @creichert. SimplyRETS provides a platform for developers and real estate agents to build modern web applications with listing and market data from their MLS.

Reichert Brothers :: A Haskell Consulting Company

In 2014 @creichert, started our own consulting company specializing in Haskell and other statically typed languages. Although we are full on projects right now, Reichert Brothers still plays a big role in our company structure.

Open Source

Below are some of my current and previous Open Source projects:

Author and Maintainer


And many, many more. Follow me on GitHub for more.